sheep grazing under apple tree


Welcome to Shire Farms,
a small family farm located in Windsor, Virginia that specializes in pasture-raised meat and eggs.

Shire Farms primarily operates through Coastal Farms, a local foods buying co-op for the Tidewater area that connects farmers with customers through a system that is convenient for everyone. We highly recommend this option for anyone interested in obtaining local, seasonal, and healthy food in general. To learn more, please visit

Our current products include:

| Multi-colored Chicken Eggs

| Heritage Chicken

| Pork

| Lamb (limited)

| Heritage Turkey (seasonal)

All animals are raised on fresh, seasonal pasture and receive no hormones or anti-biotics.

To schedule a visit to the farm, arrange an on-farm pick-up, or to recieve our email updates, please contact us at

Thank you!